Elevate Your Salon with Our Skin Care Equipment Packages 💆‍♀️🌟

Salon Equipment Company specializes in providing Professional Skin Care Equipment Packages that embody excellence and affordability. Each piece in our collection is crafted from the highest standard materials, designed to surpass your expectations in functionality and performance.

What Makes Our Equipment Packages Exceptional:


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  • High-Quality Selection: 🔝 Our spa and skin care equipment are carefully selected by our experienced team, ensuring each item meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.
  • Versatile Options to Suit Every Need: 🎯 From basic setups to advanced systems, our packages cater to a wide range of salon and spa needs, ensuring complete functionality.
  • Affordable Without Compromising Quality: 💲 We provide affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. Our financing options also help you manage your budget effectively.
  • Five-Year Warranty for Assurance: 🔒 Enjoy peace of mind with our five-year warranties on every piece of equipment, a testament to our confidence in their durability.
  • Decades of Trusted Family Business: 🏡 As a long-standing family-operated business, we’ve built a reputation for being a reliable and respected ally in the salon industry.

Our Professional Skin Care Equipment Packages are more than just products; they represent our commitment to enhancing the quality and efficiency of your salon or beauty business.

Browse our selection today to find the perfect skin care equipment for your needs. If you require guidance or have any questions, our skilled team is ready to assist you. Choose Salon Equipment Company for a partnership that values quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

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  • SKU: SCP-076
    Basic Skin Care Package $729.00

    🌟 Transform Your Salon with the Basic Skin Care Package. Ideal for both established and emerging salons, this package offers everything needed for facial and skin care treatments. Enjoy significant savings with our pre-made or custom equipment and furniture packages, including a facial bed, steamer, magnifying lamp, and more.

    • 💆‍♀️ Complete Facial Setup: Includes a comfortable facial & massage table.
    • 🔍 Enhanced Treatments: Comes with a facial steamer and magnifying lamp.
    • 🚀 Convenient Mobility: Lightweight design for easy movement and flexibility.
  • SKU: SCP-077
    Complete Function Facial Skincare Package $1,499.00

    🌟 Complete Function Facial Skincare Package 🌟

    • Comprehensive Solution: Includes everything you need for a full-fledged facial skincare setup.
    • Quality Equipment: Features a facial & massage table, technician stool, facial trolley, and more.
    • Advanced Technology: Comes with an 8 in 1 multi-function beauty spa facial machine.
    • Essential Extras: Includes a single towel warmer, LED “Massage” sign, UV sterilizer, and a promotional poster or sticker.

    💆 Elevate Your Spa Experience with this all-in-one facial skincare package!

  • SKU: SCP-078
    Complete Skin Care Facial Package 2 $1,699.00

    🌟 Elevate Your Salon’s Skin Care Services with the Complete Skin Care Facial Package 2. This all-inclusive package provides everything needed for a comprehensive facial care experience. Enjoy significant savings with our custom equipment and furniture packages, including a massage/facial bed, beauty unit, towel warmer, and more.

    • 💺 Versatile Massage/Facial Bed: Comfortable and practical, with Cherry Wood Cabinet.
    • 🛒 All-in-One Beauty Unit: Includes an 8-in-1 function beauty unit for diverse treatments.
    • 🔥 Double Towel Warmer and Waxing Warmer: Enhance client experience with warm towels and efficient waxing services.
  • SKU: FCM-017
    Facial Equipment Skin Care Package $450.00

    🌟 Facial Equipment Skin Care Package: Your Spa’s Transformation Kit

    5 year WARRANTY

    • 💆‍♀️ Luxury Facial Treatments: Everything you need for a complete, high-quality skincare experience in your spa.
    • 🛠️ Professional-Grade Equipment: Includes a Facial Chair, Magnifying Lamp, and Facial Steamer, designed for estheticians who value excellence.


    • 🪑 Professional Facial Chair: Adjustable, comfortable, and versatile for various treatments.
    • 🔍 Magnifying Lamp with Caster Base: 5-Diopter precision and 18W fluorescent lamp for detailed skin examinations.
    • 💨 Advanced Facial Steamer: Features both vapor and ozone options with a 20-minute water supply.

    🛍️ Elevate Your Spa Services! This package is a gateway to premium skincare treatments. Call (224) 660 9096 for exclusive deals!

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